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JoBeth, Amy, Lauren & Tara Commissions

Here are a few pictures by some fantastic artists that show JoBeth, Amy, Lauren and Tara in scenes from future stories, or just plain having a good time:

Older Pics:…………………

Come to bed by OptimusPraino Amy and JoBeth Commission by Drunken-Novice Amy and JoBeth jetski by Drunken-Novice Aidenke Commission 2 Color 1 by TV-TonyVargas COM - Lauren Concept Sheet by shoxxe Jobeth and Amy by Ganassa Amy commission by gb2k Light Orchestra by Drunken-Novice Four Friends by JENJYart Sweeter than Re-runs by DrGraevling Lauren and Tara, A Fun Night.. by Ganassa Beach Party by Ganassa Commission aidenke by bokuman Commission aidenke 002 by bokuman Christmas Commission by darkeblue Commission: Amy and JoBeth by DaggerPoint Amy And JoBeth_COLOR by vest Commission Roundup 3 by pixelisedmind Four Girls by ComiPa Amy_COLOR by vest Jo Beth _COLOR by vest Jo Beth_Bowl Chair_COLOR by vest Gaming_COLOR by vest Amalfi's Holiday - Morning by Ganassa Amy Jo Beth Softball Sequential_COMMISSION by vest Amy and JoBeth by Tsvetka Commission 28 by Delirium8 Commission 29 by Delirium8 Lauren Bust_COLOR by vest Tara Gas Mask_COLOR by vest Smoothies on a Saturday by darkeblue Amy Bodysuit MedRes by vest JoBeth Vinyl Red_COLOR by vest Commission: Lauren and Tara by BenTanArt Playing Cards by cry-ky AJLT Study Busts by darkeblue Amy/Jo Beth Keeen-kaaaay_COLOR by vest Cookie Bondage by DurtySpork COMMISSION: Amy + JoBeth by BenTanArt Photoshoot Color by vest CM : Amy and Jobeth by kachima CM:Tara and Lauren by kachima Say Cheese!!! by MisterEye Who's in the charge here? by kachima Right where i want you by kachima Amy and JoBeth by BDSMthingies Amy and JoBeth by BDSMthingies Amy and JoBeth by BDSMthingies Amy and JoBeth by BDSMthingies Shall we? by P-Girls Amalfi's Holiday - Afternoon by Ganassa Is it ready yettttt? by Psuede Lauren Tara Stargazing by vest Playtime by polarityplus Amy and Jobeth: Hood Fun by SneakAttack1221 JoBeth and Amy at the beach by DrewGardner Photo Shoot Snack Break by Yes-I-DiD Photoshoot by EUDETENIS Amy Jo Beth Park by vest Squeaky Fun by Psuede Amy and JoBeth by BDSMthingies Amy and JoBeth: New Lesson by BDSMthingies Tara and JoBeth by artofcarmen Games by SanePerson Too Cute to Resist by SanePerson Selfie by polarityplus Lauren and Tara painting by Psuede CM : A Wonderful Show by kachima quick break by SanePerson CM : This Outfit Is Working For Me... by kachima Tara's stationary workout by DrewGardner Tara's Catsuit by DrewGardner Lauren and Amy by artofcarmen Lauren by punchyninja Hanging out backstage by polarityplus Amy loves Jobeth by DrewGardner Comm Lauren and Tara Romantic Evening by DarkerEve Tara by ninjapunchy Jobeth and Amy by MaHenBu Clubbin by MaHenBu Tara's straitjacket by DrewGardner Pencil by punchyninja Amy n JoBeth by ninjapunchy Lauren and Tara by crazyone04072 Reading time by ninjapunchy 100 Series: Amy/Jobeth - Teacher's Pet by SneakAttack1221 100 Series: Lauren/Tara - Teacher's Pet pt 2 by SneakAttack1221 Comfy Cozy by caocaothedeciever Amy and JoBeth by BDSMthingies Butterfly by ninjapunchy 100 Series: Jobeth/Tara - Teacher's Pet pt 3 by SneakAttack1221 100 Series: Amy/Lauren - Teacher's Pet Epilogue by SneakAttack1221

I want to give a special thanks to to all the artists here for putting up with the clothes, the poses, the outfits and everything else for these girls! They'll all be popping up more often in the future in pics on their own and together as I hopefully keep on writing more!


Update 4/18: Done with the Saturday stream!

Thanks to the couple people who came along, and hopefully a bit more notice will help in the future!


I said I'd try to post more often, and less than a year since the last journal is at least technically "more often!"

Commissions have been a little quiet lately, at least here on DA. Hopefully there will be a few more of my OCs coming soon - as always, the favorites are the best place if you're not already watching the artists and here are a few of the most recent:

100 Series: Amy/Jobeth - Teacher's Pet by SneakAttack1221 Reading time by ninjapunchy Amy n JoBeth by ninjapunchy Jobeth and Amy by MaHenBu
Lauren and Tara by crazyone04072 Comm Lauren and Tara Romantic Evening by DarkerEve Tara's straitjacket by DrewGardner

Some of those artists (SneakAttack, and CrazyOne) have some Patreons already going, everyone should go support NinjaPunchy's zip-pack if you haven't already, and Drew Gardner has a new site that you can find over on his page! They're all such kind and patient artists - definitely check them out if you haven't before!


About my Stories, I was very pleasantly surprised to see how many people were actually most interested in my writing about Amy, JoBeth, Lauren and Tara. I guess I'll really have to get started on some of the stories and scenes that I've had in mind for them, now that I'm finally starting to feel a bit more positive overall and less worn out by work (which has been intense - but fun)!

It seems I have enough active watchers/voters that I could even let people start to vote a little around themes. I've got a few ideas around relating to ponygirl-type settings, some photoshoots or poking around the house with straitjackets or armbinders, some goofing around late-night at the university, or even some "public" bondage scenes, where JoBeth or Tara might deal with being pretty well tied up while Amy or Lauren have them out where someone could technically see... Many fun options, I just have to figure out what sounds best!

Don't be afraid to let me know what you guys think; the encouragement does help!


I'm also thinking about Streaming too, for those of you out there familiar with Picarto. I don't actually DRAW anything myself, but I do a lot of lineart editing, flats and some limited color and shading effects. You'd get to see some kinky art get worked on, and maybe even a preview or two of upcoming pics. If anyone would be interested in that, let me know... if I fire up a stream, I'd post a journal about it here.

That covers the big stuff... More posts to come, especially if people like the art features. Got some big projects coming down the pike so stay tuned, and see you all around!
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Out of curiosity, what is the main reason why you visit/watch me? 

65 deviants said My original fiction (My OCs, Amy, JoBeth, Lauren & Tara)
26 deviants said My commissions
7 deviants said My fanfiction (Final Fantasy 12, etc.)

Stories Progress - 3/21/2015

Here's the list of the story series I'm currently writing:

JoBeth & Amy:
#1: Tying Up Loose Ends: Complete & Posted at DA/AFF
#2: The Start of Something New: Complete & Posted at DA/AFF (356 pages & over 229,000 words... for now!)
#3: A Perfect Match: Final edits ongoing! Ch10C on DA & AFF
#4: [Planned]
#5: [Planned]
Short Story 1: 6 Pages, Done, Potentially Postable...
Short Story 2: Main Draft Complete; 43 Pages (Pending Edits)
Short Story 3: Main Draft Complete; 46 Pages (Pending Edits)

Fran & Penelo:
#1: The Excuse [Complete - Posted at AFF]
#2: Favorite Games [Complete - Posted at AFF]
#3: Keeping Secrets [Complete - Posted at AFF]
#4 & Beyond: [Potentially Planned]


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Flesh-Amare Featured By Owner May 8, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Oh my gosh. All the Tara pieces! I knew it. There is no way she can't not look freaking cute as all hell. Love it.
aidenke Featured By Owner May 8, 2015
Firstly, thanks for the watch, and secondly, how does your work not have more comments? Many, many adorable things in there! :)

Thank you very much for the kind words about Tara. In my bias, I think she's totally adorable, a mix of bashful, mousy and curious that is just too hard to resist. Then that slightly matter-of-fact silly side of her that comes out when she's around the people she trusts (her best friends and girlfriend) that just adds to the fun.

Might have to ponder seeing you work with her one day! XD
Flesh-Amare Featured By Owner May 9, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you!! Although the reason for the comment lack is because I decided to separate my NSFW from my flagship name where all the comments used to be. So It's a little like starting over again (that and I've been bad at showing of my NSFW DA in favor of my HF) Thankfully I regained most of my followers on HF. Although the feature I got there didn't carry over to my new name :(. (Long explanation is long XD)

Mousy is probably the cutest character trait to have. And I can totally look at the other pieces you have of her and see it. IF she where a real person I'd probably befriend the heck out of her. 

Also I'm flattered by the pondering! It'd be an honour to be included with all the amazing artists you have hired to draw her. <3
aidenke Featured By Owner May 10, 2015
You're most welcome, and I'd say that reason makes complete sense! I don't blame you at all for wanting to keep those two worlds separate, and with good work like that, the comments and many followers will soon follow! I think I followed you on both sites at least, just to make sure I don't miss any fun, cute work. :)

As for mousy, it's definitely an adorable trait. Tara's got a slightly bashful, reserved streak when she's around people she doesn't know, or places where she doesn't yet feel comfortable. She's really super-curious though, and that can overcome it - and then her teasing, bright personality comes out when she gets to know people or is hanging out among friends - which is why she's usually pretty cheerful (if a little shy/bashful still) around her friends & girlfriend!

I may definitely have to think of a scene for Lauren & Tara to be hanging out together, maybe some fun with lingerie, maybe some fun with latex... That cell-shade style does need to be seen more, if something sounds fun... :)
SnidelyOne Featured By Owner Edited May 2, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dude, just noticed you commissioned the chapters for Ojii Chan Wa Shounen Tantei to be translated into English, and thought I'd stop by to say that you're awesome for that. Among other reasons, mind you; namely I've noticed you have stories on your devart page.

Thanks for being awesome, and hope to purloin your stories with interest. :3
aidenke Featured By Owner May 2, 2015
Thanks for the watch, and thanks for the kind words! I was definitely the one behind those translations, and it's always nice to hear from people out there that enjoyed reading them. Helps make it feel more worthwhile.

Hopefully you enjoy the silliness posted here, too - thanks for checking them out!
Puzzle-47 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015
Thank you for the llama! :)
dmf0 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dmfo-promo-thankyou-watch by dmf0  
aidenke Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015
Thank YOU for sharing your work! You've got a wonderful sense of design & detail in your worlds! :)
dmf0 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you for your keen observation,
glad to hear it, will continue to improved :)

More works coming soon
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