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It's been a while since the last update, and while things are still a little obnoxious and frustrating, I wanted to post up an overdue update on where things stand and hopefully talk about some of the funner things that have gone on since the last journal:

Commissions are coming along, but it's an undertaking for the patient as artists have lives too! Exploring the usual themes of kinky fun and a little bit of bondage-related trolling too, a few old and recent favorites are below, and there's more fun to come in the weeks ahead:

Commission - Plushy Snuggle - Lauren and Tara by RoninDude AJLT Series: Baking Bind by SneakAttack1221 

Mature Content

100 Series: Jobeth/Tara - Teacher's Pet pt 3 by SneakAttack1221

Mature Content

Is it ready yettttt? by Psuede

Between exploring hobbies, making and enjoying new gear creations, cute and casual moments or even turning some of their usual roles on their heads, there's a lot more to come on this front, and speaking of...

Comics are something I've always enjoyed - but commissioning them is tough, though, as between cost and time commitment, it's a big undertaking for just one person & artist. That said, I have a ton of ideas for comic commissions that I'd like to undertake if people would be interested in purchasing them to support more - both for my OCs and for some licensed characters getting into kinky situations (both PG-13 and a little more R-rated)! I've added a new poll below the journal to start gauging interest - let me know what you think, and maybe there will be some big projects coming in 2016...

Art & Streaming is another new area - a ton of great people have started streaming and some amazing communities have popped up in the chats. I've never been a great artist myself, but I've been editing and coloring more frequently and I've been growing the skill set enough that I stream from time to time. My Picarto channel can be found here - I'll post up some of the pieces I'm working on when they're done, and I'll post journals when I know I'll be working on something - if you see me streaming, come in and say hi!

Writing is the other big update - it's been a year of real-life frustrations getting the best of me and writer's block keeping me from picking out the next story I want to tell, but after months away from Word, I'm editing bits and pieces again. I hope to finish editing and post the 3rd Amy, JoBeth, Lauren & Tara story in the next few weeks. After that, I have two already-written short stories focusing on each of the couples ready to post as well. Hopefully that can help kick-start some new work in the months ahead - the wait for new chapters won't be long, and maybe I'll even post a poll or two to help me pick out a theme for the next short stories.

Last up, some news about good friends here on DA getting up to great work:
  • SuichiTanaka has made a zip-pack about a futuristic kinky theme park called Capture Kingdom you should check out if you haven't yet! JoBeth & Tara are in there along with many other OCs you may recognize - well worth it and a ton of fun!
  • CommanderRab has just started a brand-new Patreon - Rab is a creative wunderkind who has done amazing work helping me define Lauren's gear-making style (and outfits for all four of my OCs) - even if he'll disagree about the wunderkind part. :P If you've ever enjoyed his work - go support him!
  • NinjaPunchy's Patreon, SneakAttack's Patreon, Psuede's Patreon (the amazing artist behind the Cassiopeia Quinn webcomic!) and Yes-I-Did's zip-packs are all still going strong and totally worth checking out if you aren't aware already - all definitely worth the support, and some of those potential comic ideas mentioned above could start happening here...

Depending on the reaction to the comic poll, there might be a follow-up journal soon (about interest, subjects, price, and length) but otherwise, here's hoping things are treating all of you well, and thanks for stopping by!
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If I commissioned full comics showing the kinky adventures of various characters, who would you be most interested in seeing? 

68 deviants said Amy, JoBeth, Lauren & Tara's kinky adventures (R+)
28 deviants said Kitty Pryde's kinky space adventures / adventures with fellow X-Women
21 deviants said DC Characters' kinky adventures (Batgirls, Supergirl, etc.)

Stories Progress - 3/21/2015

Here's the list of the story series I'm currently writing:

JoBeth & Amy:
#1: Tying Up Loose Ends: Complete & Posted at DA/AFF
#2: The Start of Something New: Complete & Posted at DA/AFF (356 pages & over 229,000 words... for now!)
#3: A Perfect Match: Final edits ongoing! Ch10C on DA & AFF
#4: [Planned]
#5: [Planned]
Short Story 1: 6 Pages, Done, Potentially Postable...
Short Story 2: Main Draft Complete; 43 Pages (Pending Edits)
Short Story 3: Main Draft Complete; 46 Pages (Pending Edits)

Fran & Penelo:
#1: The Excuse [Complete - Posted at AFF]
#2: Favorite Games [Complete - Posted at AFF]
#3: Keeping Secrets [Complete - Posted at AFF]
#4 & Beyond: [Potentially Planned]


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ronin-gh0st Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
So, I read in SanePerson's comment section that you will be writing a story for the Frozen/Tangled pic he just did (which was amazing)? THAT would be sensational.

Btw, did your creativity had a hand in making that image? xD 
aidenke Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Unfortunately no, I won't be writing any stories around that crossover, but it is a subject and theme that I quite enjoy and am amused by, and it's one that I've supported pic-wise for a few commissions and one I might keep visiting from time to time as I build the story more thru pics than anything else...

And as for the original concept, I miiiiight've been the one who'd asked for the idea for the monthly sketch, but it was really SanePerson taht brought it to life! :)
ronin-gh0st Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Aw. :P 

Oh well, can't blame a person for wanting to read your sensual style on my favorite Disney Queen, right? And I thought you might have had a hand or two on the creation on that. SanePerson does magic, for sure but I do know you two make a great collaboration! 
aidenke Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Heh, all three girls are a ton of fun - I'm sure this isn't the last time you'll see them as a thought-subject in terms of a commission idea. I'm glad you enjoyed the result here, and here's hoping there's a lot more collaboration to come! :)
bdsm-fan-comics Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Keep up the good stuff!
aidenke Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2016
Thanks!! I'm hoping to be able to! XD
twinphoto Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2015  Professional Photographer
Thanks for the comments!  :-)
aidenke Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2015
You're quite welcome - thanks for sharing the very, very fine work! :)
aaaaazzzz009 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015
happy holidays
aidenke Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015
Thanks! Same to you!
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